SME’s Business Laws

How many times have you been told that your workforce is the most important asset of your business?

How many times have you agreed – but done nothing about it – or agreed, but not known what you could do about it?

Are you terrified of the prospect of an employment tribunal?

The logical options for a business that employs anything from 10 to 200 people are these:-

  • Try and learn sufficient about the legal implications and requirements of managing your employees to enable you to do it yourself without taking your eye off your business and without ending up with an award of compensation from an employment tribunal.
  • Employ one of your employees to train up to the required level of knowledge and put them in charge.
  • Employ an already trained and qualified personnel manager.

Use our advice services will enable you to access over fifteen years of specialist, practical experience and qualification for as much time as you think may be reasonably required for your business.

We have a very detailed knowledge of employment tribunals and how to handle cases that go to employment tribunals. Bear in mind that our experience and level of knowledge will enormously reduce the time it takes for me to advice in comparison with others with less experience and knowledge.