Divorce, Separation and Family Advice

Divorce, separation and other family disputes for example over children can be a very difficult time but dealing with the problem may not be as difficult as you think.

We offer a free initial meeting to listen to your concerns and we will break through the legal jargon and take the stress out of what is usually a very stressful time. Find out why having a divorce lawyer is necessary.

Working with us– when contacting us, we will need to know the following to help us advise you:

  • your reasons for wanting/defending a Divorce or for taking/defending any other type of family action
  • the names and ages of any children in the family
  • your marriage certificate if relevant
  • full and accurate information about your financial circumstances
  • if there are children their welfare comes before anything else so we will encourage you to discuss all the aspects that can affect them and you
  • discuss the benefits of co-operation between you and your partner
  • only take court proceedings as a last resort.

No matter where you are in the world, there’s always a law firm that’s there to help you. If you’re based in Brisbane and are looking for legal advice involving family or divorce, you can find it right here. Don’t enter a legal matter without knowing all your options.

If you require more information on our divorce advice services, then please contact us.